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Describe about RUBIK’S CUBE (My favorite item)

Hello guys, what’s up? I hope all of you have great fell so do I. Now I want to describe about one of my favorite items. Yup I choose rubik’s cube because i really enjoy to play it and of course i can solve the rubik ^^ I use the Simple Present Tense to make description about rubik. Let’s enjoy my posting :)

Rubik's Cube is the best-selling and most popular toys of all time and many people in  throughout the hemisphere almost play it. The cube is a toy from plastic and consists of 26 small cubes that rotate on the axis is visible. Each side of this cube have nine surface consisting of six different colors. When the puzzle is solve, each side of the cube has one color and the color is different from the other side.

There are many kinds of forms and types of Rubik's cube of which are the diamond cube, pocket cube (2x2x2), master's cube (4x4x4), slim tower (2x2x3), fisher’s cube, helicopter cube and much more complicate shape. We can find this toys of course at toy store.

Play rubik’s cube is so very easy if you've mastere all of the formula. Let me to tell you simple formula. First, make a plus sign as a base, then equating the first row. Equalize also the second row, after that enter the formula J, formula I, and fish formula. After the base and the top is finish then make a U pattern in each rubik’s cube. Next enter the last formula and the Rubik cube is solve. Don’t forget about benefits include playing rubik’s cube are :
1.    Practicing Patience
2.    Gives the impression of genius for the play
3.    Train nerve  in our body
4.    Train memory
5.    Rapid relief of despair
6.    Eliminate boredom

Okay that’s all about description one of my favorite items, that is RUBIK’S CUBE. Thanks for you that already read my post. If you want, don’t forget write the commen ^^

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